Three Ways to Make Your Office Chair More Comfortable

Ensuring you have a comfortable office chair is part of ensuring you have a healthy work environment that will make you as productive as possible. Discomfort, aches, and pains can hinder your ability to focus on your daily tasks, so eliminating discomfort is actually more important than you realize. Many office chairs are firm and unyielding, leading to these common aches and pains, and other problems such as cutting off blood circulation to your lower body. Here are a few methods for mitigating these issues.

Add arm pads to your armrests

Do you find your office chair’s armrests uncomfortable and rigid? Armrests are designed to support your arms as you type, so they should be level with your desk. If they are too high or too low, they may make your arms ache after a few hours of typing in unnatural positions. Armrest pads can both change your armrests’ height and provide more cushioning that ensures you won’t have to rest your arms on hard surfaces for hours at a time.

Use a lumbar pillow

One big weakness that most office chairs have is failing to support the lumbar region, because there is a gap between the chair and your lower back every time you sit down. Fortunately, there are lumbar pillows you can use to support your lower back and decrease the muscle fatigue caused by holding yourself upright against your chair for long work days. Lumbar pillows also help support your spine and keep your body aligned, resulting in better posture and less pain.

Use a custom seat cushion

Many office chairs either come with subpar cushioning or no cushions at all. The discomfort you feel from sitting in your chair is likely from the pressure your lower body feels without adequate cushioning. This unhealthy pressure can also interrupt your blood circulation and digestion, so getting a cushion can help lessen these issues by relieving the pressure on your muscles and skeletal structure. To eliminate these issues, you may have to purchase new cushions from a retailer such as The Foam Factory. You can usually order material for DIY foam cushions or you can specify dimensions for your custom cushions so a specialist can cut them precisely.

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