Positive Business Strategies

Rethinking Business Via Positive Thought

Is there a place for positive thought in the spirit of facilitating business strategies and goals? For entrepreneurs, and small to large businesses the brain’s perspective controls successful results.

Business and personal achievements are fueled by an intangible philosophy. Positive reflection is a by-product of the subconscious-mind. Scientific evidence has demonstrated that upbeat mindsets accelerate good health.

The theory was validated by John L Reeves, II, Ph.D., and Director of Behavioral Medicine Services of the Pain Center of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. His findings showed patients with a positive outlook before surgery were more apt to experience successful post surgical results. Consequently, they experienced a faster recovery with less need for post-operative pain medication.

According to a study released by the National Institute of Health (NIH) a clinical trial found that women who were positive minded about losing weight were more prone to lose weight than women who did not modify their behavior or who suffered from low self-esteem.

The same optimistic attitude applies to the spirit of entrepreneurs, celebrities, professional athletes and successful business people. “The power of positive thinking allows humans to solve complex problems in innovative élans,” states business consulting writing firm, fruitionMedia.net. The formula for success is simple. A positive demeanor is infectious because it inspires business results. Moreover, it entails learning new ways to completely enhance business as well as meet personal goals.

Use these vital principles of positive thinking to spark your business strategy results:

Trust thyself. Think of yourself as a successful small business owner, entrepreneur, CEO, or whatever your professional goal is. As soon as you are steadfast in your objective, focus on preventing any outside forces from impeding your dream. Do not seek approval for your ambition. Although, the opinions of others may offer feasibility, only you can control the fate of your achievability objectives.

Professional athletes use the same mental approach to winning in sports. Michael Jordan lived by the trust thyself rule when he first started playing basketball. Even though his dreams of growing up to play basketball were jeered by a high school teacher, Jordan went on to become one of the most prominent NBA players in history. Applying the same type of assiduous focus can empower success.

Be open-minded. Enable the imagination to discover every potential case scenario, angle, or solution to a problem. Replace any doubts or excuses with exploring all possible avenues to get around the obstacle. Make a game of it. By investigating different remedies or ways around the challenge, it will invigorate the mind to conceptualize creative ways to solving the dilemma.

Avoid the negative thought process of scrutinizing immediate ideas. Be open-minded to believe in yourself and to forge forward. Not many people would have believed that two young Stanford MBA’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin would give birth to what is known today as a world renowned online search engine directory, called Google.

Brin and Page were determined to succeed. As a result, the innovative entrepreneurs realized that they could not run all the reigns of their business. They hired former CEO of Novell, Eric Schmidt. Their open-mindedness paced Google to become the ever-growing business it is today.

Never give up. Make things happen through persistence and diligence. Program your mind to take action on the pioneering concepts you dream up. Take baby steps to ignite the adventure in making your desires come to fruition. Although these small steps may seem minuscule, it nourishes confidence. As it flexes the problem solving muscles, results will innately follow.

The quest to succeed inspired the late Dave Thomas. His ambition and persistence empowered him to turn the art of making hamburgers into a successful fast food chain, Wendy’s. (Prior to Thomas’ multi-billion dollar business, the entrepreneur did not hold a high school degree. In 1993, he completed his GED).

Turn negatives into positives. Reprogram the way you think by substituting negative thoughts into positive ones. Change your perspective and business outlook on setbacks, errors and everyday occurrences. Instead of focusing on the negative, discover beneficial outcomes.

Javier Loya CEO of OTC Global Holdings says: “For instance, failure to win a new account is not the end of the world. It represents further opportunities to grow one’s business through other resources. Not to mention, the positive mind will innately morph professional setbacks into learning tools.”

Replacing negative thinking with positive outlooks serves four vital business incentives:

Prevents fear – Since fear is debilitating and counter-productive to business, positive thinking thwarts the paralysis of trepidation.

Overcomes delayed reaction – When people make mistakes in business, the fear of failure can create over cautious behavior – which may turn into delayed reaction.

Compels proactive approaches – Thinking optimistically incites action oriented behavior that allows for advancement.

Encourages a driven-focused attitude – An affirmative demeanor places the brain in a Zen-like’ mind-set to succeed.

“Pursuing lifetime dreams and business goals is all a matter of rethinking the impossible. Live by the golden rule: Dream it and achieve it.” adds Javier Loya  of OTC Global Holdings. 

Optimistic thoughts alone will not create results. Affirmative initiatives coalesced with positive thinking will enable your business strategies to actualize successful outcomes.

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