New Driving Laws Of 2019 That You May Like In California

Article written by Delta Driving School

While new laws can be a hassle, this is not always the case. Some of the new laws of 2019 are actually ones that you just might decide that you like. For example, if you have had to have your vehicle checked for smog in the past, then you will likely be pleased to know that the smog exemption has been expanded to include vehicles up to eight years old.

You still have to pay an annual fee for your vehicles whether they are under six years old or under eight. The fee for vehicles that are under six years will be staying at $20, while the ones that are between seven or eight years old will have to pay the slightly higher fee of $25.

According to another law, if you are a truant or simply a ward of the state, you can get your driver’s license easier. Formerly your ability to get your driver’s license could be restricted or delayed up to a whole year according to what the juvenile court decided.

If you own a low or a zero emission vehicle, there is another law that you will likely be glad to hear about. These vehicles can now get access to drive in carpool lanes, even if the only person in them is the driver. Take advantage of this last law change while you can, however, because this law fades out on September 30 of 2025.

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