How Working Remotely Allows You To Plan a More Rewarding Daily Routine

A few common benefits come to mind when people think of remote work. Convenience and saving money on transportation and work clothes are two practical benefits of working from home. However, remote work’s most significant benefits are the ways it affects employees’ schedules.

Lucy Lyle, entrepreneur and founder of Perch, explains, “Remote work saves much more time than most employees think. In addition to saving you the trouble of a commute, it saves you the time it takes to go between meetings, and set up for work.” Lucy Lyle adds, “As a remote employee, you will also get to determine your own work schedule. This leaves you with more time to run errands, do activities with your family, exercise, and pursue hobbies.”

All of these activities can boost productivity by reducing stress, promoting creativity, and providing you with well-earned breaks to refill your energy before working. They promote higher morale and better quality of life, which translates to higher productivity because employees who feel better perform better. However, more time for personal activities only translates to higher productivity if employees are disciplined enough to follow a set work schedule.

Lucy Lyle comments, “Only employees who are disciplined and highly self-motivated can make the most of the extra time that remote work creates for them. You have to avoid procrastination and getting distracted throughout the day at all costs. For this reason, I recommend marking intervals throughout the day when you will focus completely on work for a set amount of time.”

As long as remote employees cultivate good habits and stay organized while working from home, they can supercharge their productivity while living highly fulfilling lives.

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