Why Seat Backs and Mattresses Should Have Back and Lumbar Support

The lumbar area is that part of the spine just below the ribs, composed of five vertebrae. You can find it by touching the lower portion of your back. From that part to where your ribs terminate, that’s the lumbar area. It curves upwards and is strong and movable—it’s the part of the spine that supports the most weight. When a person experiences lower back pain, this usually means that the muscles in the lumbar area are strained. 

Most people usually pay no mind to their seat backs or mattresses. But when a person spends most of his or her day cooped up in the office on a chair, or sitting down at home, the right sofa seat cushion seem a bit more important.

A common culprit when it comes to back pain is the computer or desk chair. When the latter aren’t structured to accommodate the proper alignment of a person’s lower back, the lumbar are experiences stress lower back pain becomes a persistent problem, especially if a lot of time is spent on the chair. For this reason, a lot of ergonomic chairs are now available in the market. Manufacturers have now realized the importance of a well-designed chair.

Sleeping on the wrong mattress can also cause lower back pain. Whether it be a foam mattress or a waterbed, the importance of lumbar support cannot be stressed enough. Without lower back support, a person’s posture will suffer and the muscles are strained further. Even when a person is resting or sleeping, proper spine alignment is still needed.