Why foam works as a cushion filling and as a sound absorbing material

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

Foam is a versatile material that has been used for many different purposes, including packaging, insulation, and children’s toys. However, two of its most popular utilitarian uses are as filling in furniture cushions and as a sound-absorbing material to reduce noise pollution. Open-cell foam’s chemical structure is what makes both of these uses possible.

Open-cell foam is a porous material that allows air and water to pass through it, resulting in a material that is highly malleable and breathable. Open-cell foam filling that is just the right density can provide the perfect mix of comfort and support for couches, chairs, and mattresses. Closed-cell foam is not as ideal for cushions because its structure makes it firmer and more rigid.

According to SBC magazine, open-cell foam is also a better sound absorber than closed-cell foam because it allows sound waves to pass through its structure, losing energy as it rubs against the foam’s fibers. Sound waves reflect off hard, flat surfaces, and open-cell foam makes it difficult for sound waves to do this by absorbing them and dissipating some of their energy as heat.

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