Why egg crate foam is good for mattresses

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

Most people are familiar with memory foam or latex foam as mattress materials, but there’s another type of mattress foam that’s been making beds more comfortable. Egg crate foam, or convoluted foam, may look like it’s better suited to carry eggs, but its eye-catching design helps cushion your body in several ways.

Egg crate foam is made from polyurethane, the same material that is found in memory foam and latex foam, but it is cut with a mechanical bandsaw that adds the distinctive grooves to flat foam sheets. Because of these grooves, egg crate foam is flexible enough to adjust to different body shapes and can even distribute weight better than thicker types of foam. Furthermore, these grooves give egg crate foam better airflow than other types of foam, making it a much more breathable material.

However, egg crate foam’s weakness is that it is not as durable as thicker types of foam, and if it is made from low-quality materials, it will break down faster. Luckily, most egg crate foam used in mattress is easily replaceable, as it usually comes in the form of mattress toppers, rather than full-size mattresses.

Egg crate foam is a quick and easy solution to your bedtime discomfort and can easily fit into other types of mattresses. The Foam Factory has a wide array of egg crate foam toppers for different bed sizes. Contact them today for more information.