Two Tips When Looking for New Cushions

Many people decide that they want to buy new cushions for their furniture instead of buying new furniture for their home.  But it’s important to remember two tips when it comes to things like seat back replacement for your furniture. Below are these two tips and they will help you with choosing the right foam for your specific needs.

Match your foam density with your project. Polyfoam is available in different densities and it can be made to match any kind of applications for your upholstery.  When the foam is really dense, it’s not going to compress very well.  This means that it won’t have a lot of give when you are sitting on it.  This is really important when you are applying fabric to the foam of your seat. If your foam is tightly pressed against your fabric, use foam that is higher density so your seat’s going to hold its shape a lot better.

Decide whether or not you want to use foam that is open-cell or closed-cell.  The open-cell foam’s cushy, pliable, and soft. When it fabric compresses it, the foam is going to lose the form that it has. The closed-cell foam will have a lot more strength when vinyl or fabric’s stretched on it, even when its density is lower.

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