Tourist Attractions in Petersburg Alaska

Petersburg Alaska is hailed as one of the finest tourist destinations in the world. This small fishing city is located inside a passage in the South-eastern part of Alaska. Visitors coming into the city are often welcome by the charm provided by serene waters, friendly people, and the breathtaking Alaskan wilderness. The city is ideal for family and group vacations. Among the attractions found in Petersburg Alaska, include sport fishing, beachcombing, lighthouse charters, glacier tours, sea kayaking, bird watching, whale watching, and the famous black bear viewing. Tourists coming into Alaska get a unique chance of sampling some of the finest attraction that Petersburg Alaska has to offer.

Petersburg plays host to the famous Anan bear observatory. The creek , located about 30 miles on Southeast of Wrangell has an abundance of pink salmon which serves to attract fish-eating animals such as the bears. Visitors visiting the creek during the peak season may see the bald eagles, black and brown bears, and sea lions. The bear observatory has a ½-mile long boardwalk towering over the creek, covering the visitors from direct contact with the animals. Visitors can be treated to excellent bear viewing from observation decks that overlook two cascading waterfalls.