Starting a Home Based Food Production Business

Article Submitted By: Food Trade Consultants

If you believe that you could successfully run a food-based business from the comfort of your own kitchen, there are a few things you should consider before taking the next giant leap.

Confirm whether or not your town’s health department allows the commercial production of food from home-based kitchens. Some consent to the production but end up limiting the types of food that you can prepare whereas others cap the annual gross sales made from home-based food production businesses.

It is important that you estimate the costs so as to have an idea whether or not the sales from your business can cover all the expenses involved. In your estimate, be sure to include the fees you will have to pay so as to obtain the required permits as well as the costs of the ingredients you will need to make the food.

Think of the people who are likely to buy your product and the best location to start selling them. There are more opportunities for food entrepreneurs to sell their produce, for instance, you can sell them at festivals, supermarkets, and specialty markets or even try selling them online through websites like or

It can be quite cumbersome having to run your food business from your home kitchen, in as much as it saves you money in terms of rent, you may find yourself overwhelmed especially when it comes to the storage of raw ingredients; it may be difficult to balance business and home cooking from the same kitchen space.

Even if the health department allows you to run your home-based food production business, your community may be against the idea considering that local ordinances vary from place to place.