Simon Fuller Suing Cowell’s Production Company And Fox Broadcasting For Not Honoring 2005 Agreement

With the reality show known as the X Factor in the UK being a success, Simon Cowell intends to bring it to an American audience, come September this year. Simon Fuller, the creator of American Idol, isn’t too happy about this and has expressed his chagrin at Cowell’s effort to bring this show to the United States by filing a lawsuit against Fox Broadcasting and FreeMantleMedia, the latter which is responsible for the show in the United States.

According to Fuller, the companies involved in the creation of the X Factor USA has not honored an earlier agreement based on a prior lawsuit made against Cowell’s company back in 2005, in saying that the X Factor had copied his show’s (American Idol) ideas.

The previous lawsuit was settled out of court, and which also meant that Fuller would get ten percent of the show’s earnings, credit for being its executive producer while not allowing its launch in the US version for five years.

Since it is now 2011, and with the highly-anticipated US version coming out in a matter of months, Fuller has filed a lawsuit that Fox and FreeMantleMedia has not honored the conditions on which the ‘original lawsuit’ was settled out of court.

However, Fox Broadcasting and FreeMantleMedia has said that Fuller does not have the right to pursue legal action due to not being hired or performing any duties for the US version of the show. In addition to this, they also said that the “lawsuit is without merit and we expect to prevail”.

Despite the fact that the show now has a more positive vibe, it seems as if Mr. Nasty has something up his sleeve when his show opens in the United States very soon.

Posted By: Charity Banners