Shipping Industry and the Environment

In our quest for the best international shipping costs, many of us forget the question of what all of this shipping means to the environment. With the world trending towards being environmentally conscious, the shipping industry is finally trying to find a balance between progress in shipping and how it affects the air we breathe. Shipping companies need to put their funds into other areas than just a great international shipping calculator. Recently, the shipping industry has agreed to lower its emissions levels for the sake of its surroundings. Not only have emissions never been regulated before, but they were said to be worse than that of the airline industry. The point they are now at is that of companies following the new stated regulations and not trying to find loopholes to accommodate the new ships being built. The agreement is with the UN’s Maritime Organization so any countries not tied to the UN will not hold these companies accountable. As it is stated now, all ships at to increase their energy efficiency levels by 10% before the year 2015. Hopefully this will create a trend towards more environmental consciousness in the maritime industry. And shippers will need to keep this in mind as well as they choose who will carry their overseas shipping container.