Reasons why San Juan Island is a must-visit vacation destination

Blog provided by San Juan PM

What comes to mind when you think of the most popular vacation destinations? Perhaps you’ve thought of relaxing on Hawaii’s beaches or taking in the rich cultural history of Paris. Or maybe you want to take your family to one of Orlando, Florida’s famous amusement parks. These are often included in lists of must-visit vacation getaways, but there is one beautiful destination off the coast of Washington State that is often overlooked.

The San Juan Islands in Washington State are a repository of natural beauty, fascinating history, and exotic wildlife. San Juan Island, Lopez Island, Orcas Island, and the rest of these unique communities have their own natural wonders you can explore for a week. The San Juan Islands are famous for their majestic monochrome orca whales that inhabit their waters throughout the year. When visiting Lime Kiln Point State Park, you can watch them breach through the air above the water’s surface or you can take a kayak or boat on a whale watching tour through their favorite spots.

On the San Juan Islands, you’ll also experience fresh, creative food options, along with landmarks that are remnants of the islands’ storied history. The San Juan Island National Historical Park is home to the bases used by the British and U.S. armies during the Pig War, a fascinating, but bloodless conflict caused by the shooting of a pig. You can learn more about this historical event while hiking through verdant scenery.

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