Quickly Pad Areas with Interlocking Foam Tiles

Whether they’re used for play, exercise, or just removable safety padding, interlocking flooring tiles offer versatility, comfort and functionality however you use them. Made of a wide range of foam materials, from minicell/EVA to gymnastic foam, interlocking floor tiles are useful professionally, recreationally and in any role in between.

Frequently used as soft play-area mats, interlocking tiles are perfect for creating on-the-spot cushioned flooring for children to play on without worrying about hard surfaces or sharp edges. Many of these are cut into bright, vivid colors and some varieties are even cut into puzzle pieces for a large-scale scale game to keep kids thinking. Another benefit is that these tiles can form safety flooring anywhere and just as easily be taken apart and stored. This is particularly useful for families with children just learning to walk, so you can help keep them safe wherever you are in the home. They’re still as stable as harder flooring though, giving children confidence large pillows or other bulky padding can’t offer.

Interlocking tiles are also effective exercise mat flooring for workouts that require firm footing. Gym rubber is most typically used for thicker flooring jobs, and minicell materials are very similar to yoga pads by offering a cushion that doesn’t detract from stability or movement. The interlocking edges mean the padded area is able to be expanded or contracted as needed, and then packed up, returning the room to its previous state.

Specialized tiles are also made in much harder materials for durable flooring in work areas and garages. Like softer in-home tiles, these also feature edges that can leave a clean appearance and a natural transition for users.