Protect Your Walls From Damage with Foam Doorstops

Our world is full of things that play a significant role in our lives that we don’t notice until we don’t have them. It could be a generator after a storm knocks out power, or sunscreen and bug spray after setting out on a week-long camping expedition. While not as life-altering as the previous examples, even something minor such as a doorstopper in your home can prevent or reduce problems and headaches down the road.


Anybody who has ever been startled by a slamming door, or been frustrated as they tried to patch a doorknob-sized hole in the wall, can attest to the value of a doorstop. Additionally, some people may consider doorstops, but after research, find them to be too expensive or too difficult to install in their home. For individuals who want a low-cost, low-effort doorstop, foam protectors are up to the job as an effective and affordable solution.


These foam cushions are generally bone-shaped sponges with a slice cut out of the middle to place it over the edge or top of a door. These cushions stay in place and offer both impact and sound absorption from doors swinging into walls or their frames. They can be removed in less than a second if the door needs to be shut, and can be replaced just as quickly.


Stoppers are able to be purchased ready-made or created yourself as a very easy DIY project. Simply purchase a regular car-washing or cleaning sponge and trim out a slice about 2/3 of the way through in the middle of its long side. This thin strip, when cut thinner than the door, gives room for the foam to slide over while staying in place. It can quiet door slams and prevent wall damage, with the peace of mind a better acoustic produces.