Moving homes – what to do and how to do it

Article Submitted By – Jerry Armen

jerry armen

You are going to buy that new house and move in, but you do not know if you are personally ready for such a shift in your life. Here are a few tips to help you prepare.

Disconnect and reconnect your phone, gas, and electricity. Get your change of address in with all the major places: health insurance, subscriptions that are delivered to our door, charities, mobile phone companies, and banks. Don’t forget to notify your boss. Settle your outstanding bills, while you are at it.

You may also need to hire cleaners and rent storage facilities. Either hire movers or rent a truck. Get new furniture for your new place, but first have it cleaned again, even if it was supposedly cleaned. Better safe than sorry.

Back up the hard drives of all your computers that are not laptops. Pick up the medical, dental, and school records for your entire family. Don’t forget the vet records. Return library books, DVD, rental equipment, and anything you have borrowed from your friends and neighbors.

Either give things to charity or have a yard sale. When you take apart items that need to be reassembled, make sure you keep all the nuts and bolts in a container marked what they are for.

Open a new bank account, if necessary. Set all of your arrangements for travel to your new home. Both you and your spouse should separately look through every nook and cranny to verify that you got everything.

You can leave with a clear conscience that you did everything you could to make this a good move. Go! Find your new home ready for you and enjoy this next stage of your life.