Make Your Own Custom DIY Stamps

Foam is often viewed as a material only used to get a job done, but there exists a less buttoned-down side to foam however; one that doesn’t use foam for work or business. By virtue of its many different textures and shaping versatility, foam has become an excellent material for use in arts and crafts; particularly as hand crafted stamps and in painting. Customized DIY foam stamps can make for a fun hobby, a great family activity, or even become an affordable way to decorate your home.


Making clean and smooth cuts in closed-cell products like neoprene rolls or minicell is very easy when using a sharp, non-serrated blade. The structural consistency of these materials makes incredibly detailed stamps possible, for one-of-a-kind patterns in home projects or crafting. A foam exercise mat or yoga mat is often made out of a closed-cell foam material, as a common example of foam’s consistency and structure. Stamping is also a great way to get children involved in a fun activity by letting them cut out their own patterns. Additionally, stamps are a smart way to decorate a new nursery without painting an entire room or buying wallpaper. They can even be used on a small scale to decorate the frame of a loft study bunk.


Open-cell foam is a great stamping material for fun, casual patterns. Its cellular structure creates a sponge-like appearance when stamping. Many pre-cut shapes exist in open-cell foam for various purposes that work great as pre-made stamps. Open-cell foam can also be used for more traditional painting when corners, jambs, and other hard to reach places aren’t getting the needed coverage from a bristled brush. Foam can be trimmed to the shape of the area it needs to get into, for painting even the tightest spaces.

Whether it’s a delicate DIY home redecoration project or just a fun activity with the family, foam stamping is an easy and effective way to enjoy the creative side of this versatile material.