Make a Statement with Foam Architecture Pieces

We’ve all had daydreams about living in a fairytale palace, adorned with elegant decorations and cavernous hallways, elegant staircases, and stunning balconies. But as we get older, we understand the chances of owning a French chateau aren’t nearly as likely as we once hoped them to be. Still, that doesn’t mean we can’t make the most out of what we have, and enjoy the spaces we live in.

Even the most modest of homes can benefit from architectural improvements that majorly impact the feel, aesthetics, and even the value of a home. Of course, home improvements can weigh heavily on a checkbook, especially when there are more pressing issues at hand. There is a middle ground though, where design and appearance meet practicality and affordability – architectural foam.

Made using computer-programmed cutting machinery, decorative polystyrene foams can be manufactured into replicas of design components that cost and weigh multiple times more. When sealed and painted, a comparison of exterior foam columns or other adornments to the “real thing” would result in a toss-up, as they would look virtually identical.

One of the most popular uses for architectural foam is crown molding, as soft polyurethane foam is able to be trimmed easily and installed in tight joints without the difficulty or precision required of traditional methods. Foam molding can be manufactured in any size and even cut to custom design patterns. By applying sealant and paint, you can have a DIY molding that adds an elegance and spaciousness to any room.

Foam columns meanwhile, are terrific for creating classic styling in home libraries or theaters. For these structures, polystyrene foam is cut and painted to match its environment. With simple adhesives, columns can be mounted to walls without the support concerns of heavy stone or wooden installations. Columns’ backsides can also be carved out to house or mask equipment or flaws in the home. Foam décor can also be used outside the home with die-cut foam shapes around windows and balconies, giving you the look you’ve always wanted at a price you didn’t think was possible.