How to ensure good oral health

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Good oral health will involve adapting daily habits that maintain healthy strong teeth. Forming any habit can take time and practice. Ensuring good oral health can mean a lot less money spent on dental treatments while enjoying the benefits of a beautiful smile. Although a dentist may have complimented you on your beautiful smile, it is still important to maintain good oral habits daily to prevent cavities and gum disease.

The following habits can help maintain healthy teeth:

Always brush before bed – Everyone knows that brushing twice daily is key to good oral health. However, most people neglect to brush their teeth before bed. Brushing before you sleep is one of the most important habits as it reduces bacteria build-up at a time when the mouth produces less saliva.

Brush properly – Poor brushing can also cause damage while failing to clean teeth properly. Follow a circular gentle motion for at least 2 minutes while using a soft bristle toothbrush.

Brush your tongue – A person’s tongue can harbor bacteria, which can cause bad breath. To reduce bacteria, brush your tongue daily every time you brush.

Use fluoride toothpaste – The most important aspect of a good toothpaste is fluoride. Look for a general toothpaste with moderate levels of fluoride which is suitable for daily use.

Flossing is an important aspect of brushing – Flossing not only removes food particles from between teeth but it can stimulate gums, reduce plaque and lower inflammation.

Drink lots of water – Water is the best beverage for overall health. Drinking water after every meal will wash out food particles and freshen your breath.

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