How Often Should You Replace Outdoor Furniture Cushions?

We all enjoy sitting outside in the sunlight enjoying a cup of coffee or our favorite wine. But in order for your stay to be comfortable, you need soft outdoor furniture cushions. It’s impossible to sit very long on outdoor furniture without those cushions. In spite of how pretty it might appear to be, it’s often hard to relax on this type of furniture for long periods of time.

If you’ve already got outdoor furniture cushions, then you understand how lush they can feel. You’ve just come in from a hard day at the office and you get a glass of iced tea and go to the backyard. There, you take some deep breaths and let the stress go.

Make your own Cushion Covers

Replacing outdoor furniture cushions should be done each year or two. Don’t wait until they get musty, moldy and hard. Go ahead at the beginning of the spring season and buy new cushions. This will give you time to make or locate the perfect covers for your new cushions.

You can, of course, purchase cushions that already have covers on them. But covering them yourself can save money, plus it’s very easy to make a cushion cover. Simply measure the cushion. Be sure to add a half inch for seams and don’t forget to measure the full distance across and down the cushion.

When you’re ready to replace outdoor furniture cushions, visit The Foam Factory where you’ll find cushions of every shape and size. Choose from any type of foam. It’s easy and inexpensive to get custom cushions made.