Foam for Your Walls

When people think of foam they think of all kinds of comfortable materials. They might think of their mattress or favorite chair. They may even think of furniture on their boat. But foam’s unique properties make it useful for more than just taking a load off. Continue reading to discover why your walls might do better with some added foam.

Every Canadian can probably appreciate the importance of quality insulation. When winter comes, even the best home heating system can’t save you if you don’t have the right insulation. Foam is great in this regard. It’s affordable and versatile, for one thing. The latter asset makes it truly helpful as you can alter it for the exact wall and fitting you need. A great example is polyurethane foam. Canada has countless homes staying warm right now thank to that variety.

That’s not the only foam you might want near your walls. Acoustic foam is another good example. Thanks to its specific design, acoustic foam helps you take control of the sounds in your home. It’s especially helpful if you have a sound booth, where sounds must be treated in a specific matter to get the result you want.

Although you probably use foam mostly to keep you comfortable, there’s more to the material than that. As the above shows, foam is also great for dealing with sound and cold.


Article submitted by Canada Foam by Mail. The company supplies just about everything foam-related, from polystyrene insulation to upholstery foam and the kind you use for mattresses.