Foam Cushion Options

Most homeowners build or buy a house with outdoor seating facility in their patio or backyard. In contrary to most indoor seating options, the outdoor seating do not often come with built-in cushions. Hence it is obvious and perhaps fortunate that people can obtain self-designed custom outdoor cushions from various sellers in the market. Every discrete outdoor seating has types of its own and the most common type is the chair cushions. Chaise lounges and outdoor benches require longer cushions of the correct shape and size to completely cover the respective furniture. On the other hand, outdoor sofas usually require multiple separate cushions for seating. The cushions required for patio chairs are usually of similar shape as the frame of the chair. Chair shapes are of different types, such as round, square and rectangular, and the shapes of cushions differ accordingly as well.

One of the most sophisticated types of cushions is a boat cushion, which is used for seating in boats. Conventional boat cushions are generally made of just three different types of foams: flexible polyurethane, reticulated polyurethane and polyvinylchloride nitrile. All the other types of foams are considered inappropriate for being used in the marine environment, mainly because of their price or properties. The most common type of foam used for this purpose is flexible polyurethane. This is because it is comparatively cheap and is used worldwide in making seats for boats. These foams are also used in the making of household upholstery and automobile seats.

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