Foam Applications: Not Just for Cushions

Foam has found widespread use in a wide variety of industries and applications. This seemingly simply synthetic material is actually very versatile and can be adapted to different applications by simply changing the composition or mixture of the foam material. Things like cushions, insulation, packaging and so much more are actually made of foam!

One of the most common applications of foam materials is in sound proofing. Sound deadening foam is the usually black or gray stuff you see lining the walls and ceilings of recording studios, cinemas and even home theatres and cars. Sound deadening foam is made of material called closed cell foam.

Closed cell foam is different from what we commonly define as foam because it is not soft and it is not porous. This is different from the more common open cell foam since it does not let air and water effectively pass through it which makes it a great insulator or sound proofing material. Furthermore, closed cell foam is much more rigid than open cell foam which makes it sturdy enough for installation as wall and ceiling panels. These properties make closed cell foam excellent for sound proofing as well as insulation.

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