Enjoy Camping with Foam Sleeping Pads

Taking a break from the rat race of our professional lives isn’t just relaxing, it’s important. One of the best ways to get away from it all is to pack your bags and get back to the basics while camping.

However, camping is a love-or-hate activity for many people. And often, the reason people align themselves with the hate side of things is their inability to get the kind of sleep they get at home. After all, what good is a vacation if you return even more exhausted and worn-out than when you left?

This is usually something figured out with experience, though after one bad experience, some individuals decide there won’t be another. A sleeping bag is sometimes all camping novices bring along, because it’s soft and warm at home. But after hiking all day and pitching your tent in the great outdoors, you need a foam rubber mattress to protect and insulate yourself from the cold, hard, uneven ground and a sleeping bag won’t cut it. Some people can get by with a thin camping pad, while it takes a thick mattress pad to help others get their sleep, but no matter the size, it makes the difference.

A benefit of the foam rubber mattress pad over a popular air mattress is that it is much more durable and lighter than inflatable beds. The foam can be rolled up in a pack, won’t deflate during the night, or pop if you missed a sharp stone or twig under your tent floor. It is also non-absorbent, making it a smart choice for all kinds of outdoor camping. Possibly its most important feature though, is the insulation it provides. The ground will suck heat out of your body, while a foam camping pad will insulate you, keeping you warm and comfortable. When it’s time to relax, unwind during the day and get refreshing sleep at night with a foam camping pad.