Does Your Air Filter Need Replacement or Just Cleaning?

There are many times when we think that our home air conditioner filter is already broken and needs replacement, when in fact it only requires thorough cleaning, and vice versa. Well, this cannot be helped because they display almost the same symptoms. But knowing the right situation helps you a lot in many ways; you may not only save money on repair and replacement, but as well not exert the unnecessary effort to purchase a new replacement, such as a Filtrete filter or a 3m Filtrete air filter.

The best time to replace an air filter is when it is already broken. You can check for damages by opening the filter itself, and see whether its parts are already worn out. When you clean the filter and see that is filtrate is still fully intact, then you can install it again on your air conditioner so that it would run smoothly again. A different situation however applies on furnaces. Furnace air filters easily wear out because of extreme surroundings, so make it a habit to replace them every 2-3 months. Air conditioner and dehumidifier filters can be replaced ever 3-4 months, depending on usage. It may be better to have a spare replacement filter ready for use, so that you can install it right when you need it.

Article submitted by Your Filter Connection. Your Filter Connection offers various types and brands of air filters, including electrostatic air filter units that can be installed on air conditioners, dehumidifiers and furnaces in homes and offices.