Contour-Cut Bedding Can Revolutionize Personal Comfort

For years, the latex and foam mattress topper have been the newest and hottest products in the bedding industry, as people look for new, affordable ways to get their best sleep and the most longevity out of their beds. Innovation never takes a break however, and building off one of the great advancements in the comfort and bedding industry is the introduction of contour-cut foam mattresses and toppers.

Flat and uniform mattresses have been the standard for bedding since people decided the ground wasn’t the most comfortable place for a night’s sleep. The human body is decidedly not flat though, with contours, curves, and angles that press against and are under-supported by flat surfaces. This situation was addressed by body-forming memory foam and the contour pillow that cradles heads and necks. Contour-cutting goes even further with individualization, acknowledging that different areas of the body require different levels of comfort and support.

Contour-cut foam bedding allows greater and lesser support in the areas that require it, with unique shapes and patterns for a one-of-a-kind sleep experience. These high-quality beds feature sections that address the body’s different zones with special cuts that target each region’s needs. These can be found as an entry-level three-zone mattress, or in more detailed versions with five and seven-zone bedding. Each zone consists of a different pattern cut into the sheet, created as a blade passes through the material while under compression over a pattern template.

These zones target areas like the hips and shoulders that require more support because of the pressure they generate, while offering softer designs for the heels and head where comfort and pressure relief is a greater priority. A contour-cut mattress or topper addresses your body’s needs in a way you’ve never experienced, giving you a new level of luxurious sleep.