Common Duties Carried Out By A Cleaning Service Malibu

Hiring a maid service malibu isn’t as expensive as you think, considering an increase in a number of dual-income families over the years.

Even if it is less expensive to get a part-time maid, a cleaning service santa monica is definitely a whole lot safer for a number of reasons. Not only do they cater to private homes but also establishments such as nursing homes, hotels, hospitals and restaurants.

However, a common question that is asked is what duties these maids are willing to perform if hire part-time.

So, with that said, here are a few common duties that are carried out by a cleaning service:

#1: Clean living and work areas as well as rooms and hallways

#2: Clean and polish woodwork, walls and windows

#3: Sweep, polish or wax floors with the use of brooms, mops and other floor-cleaning equipment

#4: Vacuum upholstered furniture as well as carpets and rugs

#5: Move trash to disposal areas while emptying wastebaskets

#6: Wash and iron clothes, make the beds as well as change sheets and towels

#7: Replace toilet paper and soap if needed

#8: Furniture and equipment are dusted and polished

#9: Clean light fixtures and air vents

#10: Clean drawers, refrigerators and even electrical appliances

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