Comfort Underfoot From Quality Carpet Padding

For those who have experienced it, getting home from a long day on your feet and walking around your home’s plush new carpeting is one of the most relaxing moments in life. Part of this experience is obviously derived from the carpet itself, as there’s a huge difference between the top-quality carpeting used in homes and the industrial-use products that cover offices and rental properties. But there is more to a carpeting system than meets the eye. Out of sight, carpet underlayment rests between the floor and your new carpet and is just as important as the carpet itself for giving you comfort.

Carpet padding is almost exclusively manufactured from recycled and remnant foam, shredded and adhered together into sheets of resilient, high-density padding. Things like a sofa cushion or mattress can be what you are actually walking across. Known as bonded foam, this product is an amalgamation of others that form a whole greater than the sum of its parts. The density and firmness of bonded foam is the key to its effectiveness, since it has to hold up to everything that walks, rolls, or drags itself across the floor.

But as anybody who has needed cushion replacement for worn-out padding knows, these materials don’t last forever. This is why it’s important to select a padding that is greater or equal in quality to the carpet you have or plan to purchase. Spending thousands of dollars on premium carpeting and then penny-pinching on padding will give you a product nowhere near the quality you expect it to be, essentially wasting your money. Because a carpet featuring padding that flattens after only a year or two is no longer comfortable, the quality of a carpet can only be as good as the padding utilized underneath it.

Carpet padding also offers benefits beyond the comfort of your flooring. Padding protects the carpet’s underside from damage from wear against the room’s base flooring, offers insulation, and helps deaden sound and footfalls. Whether you’re looking to re-carpet your whole home or just shopping for replacement carpet cushions online, selecting the highest quality padding your budget allows will be an investment you will be glad you made for years to come.