Can We Put an End to Homelessness In Our Country?

Homelessness has become a deep blight on our society. It’s wreaking havoc in Washington. Even small communities are not immune. One thing that we never hear, maybe the truth that we don’t want to face is that we all suffer when we have such large communities of homeless people.

Rep. JD Rossetti comments: “This session, I fought for more funding to deal with the problems in affordable housing and homelessness. It wasn’t easy, but the budgets we passed include important new funding for homeless kids, veterans and families.”

Up to now, we haven’t felt like we had the time, money or the right solutions to help the homeless. But we must face this growing problem. It’s heartbreaking to see children living in a homeless shelter. We shouldn’t have moms, dads and kids living in a car or on the street. What is causing this problem? Why is it growing at such fast rates?

In Cowlitz County, one out of every 20 students in our public schools is homeless. Kids who are homeless rarely do well in school. Each year, the numbers jump. Where does it all end? At what point will we take action to stop this growing trend?

Veterans, children, women and the elderly are among those most at risk. Let’s find out why. Let’s develop programs to end this blight on society.

Justin JD Rossetti concludes with, “It is time we acknowledge that homelessness effects people of all backgrounds. It’s a myth that the only homeless people are addicts, criminals or outcasts. They’re people. It can happen to anybody—your friend, your neighbor or even your family.”

Rep. Justin JD Rossetti is a politician that lives in Longview, WA with his wife and three sons. He is a small business owner who has served on the Longview School Board.