Build a Bed Perfect for You

In the current age of DIY, almost anything is possible if you’re willing to do research, prepare and take your time. This kind of effort can pay off in huge savings over a store-bought, ready-made product, as well as giving you the satisfaction of a job well done. One DIY project many people overlook that is surprisingly easy is the building of a bed.

For people looking to build a custom frame that holds their bedroom mattress, there are plenty of cost-effective options that can be as fancy or basic as desired. The simplest, low-profile bed to build is a platform bed. On a basic level, these consist of little more than a ventilated board large enough to support the mattress without trapping moisture, placed on top of some sort of base. In a pinch, people have made these out of plywood and cinder blocks, while others have created entire furniture sets that combine storage space, drawers and even night stands into the structure. For more construction-oriented people, self-made plans can be designed to make a bed frame as intricate as desired.

For people who want to customize their mattress, foam materials offer the opportunity to transform raw materials into a bed that is custom-built to your exact comfort and support needs. Unlike innerspring mattresses or waterbeds, custom-cut foam mattresses can be built in pieces on your own, either in a single slab of foam, or in a multiple sheet mattress that gives you a hybrid-feel impossible to create with a single material. Combining a custom-built frame with a specially-created mattress can save you hundreds of dollars over an entire store-bought setup and give you the satisfaction you can’t buy in any store.