Book Review: The Teachings of Zhang Xinyue

This is an excerpt from the book Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue that talks about how we all desire to have the perfect life and yet so many people do not have their dreams.

What do you imagine a perfect existence to be like? What type of life do you want to live? If you could have anything, what kind of life would you choose?

The first stage of the journey is to communicate clearly with the cosmos and to fully express oneself. Send your visions of the ideal scenario out into the universe. Humans frequently have difficulty communicating their needs, wants, and desires. Maybe you have a friend who frequently irritates or disappoints you. Have you told them exactly what’s going on and how you want things to change?

Do you hear a muttering voice in your heart when you plainly tell the cosmos everything you want? There is, indeed, a chasm between reality and the dream in your heart. Some things are beyond our control. And yet so many things are if we’ll simply make the changes.

Zhang Xinyue is a well-known teacher, mentor, and spiritualist who understands how to assist others in achieving personal and professional success. She enjoys working with other people. She claims that if we can change our perspective and stop thinking negatively, we can reach prosperity.

She believes we can create abundance in various areas, such as money and relationships. Zhang Xinyue’s book Create Abundance teaches you how to change your life via meditation, positive thinking, and connecting to the cosmic energy that surrounds us.

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