3 Tips To Get Your Business To The Top Of The ‘Search Engine” Listings

With more and more businesses looking to make their presence felt on the internet, you can find websites related to any profession that you can think of yet there’s another factor that is vital to these businesses at the outset.

Search engine optimization, they call it, and it often makes a difference when it comes to getting more ‘traffic’ to your website. And while it might cost a business much more to do this, there are a few tips that might come in handy before going all the way to have your site found on Google, Bing and Yahoo, and here are a list of tips:

#1: Think about your target audience, and not just the search engines

Remember that the search engines are just a conduit for potential customers who are actually the people that you should be focusing and what keywords they use when they are looking for products or services that you offer along with your competitors. While search engine ranking counts, please remember that in knowing who your customers are, your approach to keyword search, website design and copywriting will change accordingly.

#2: Keyword Research is vital

Don’t make any assumptions as to what kind of keywords your customers might be looking for as they might be completely wrong. Using keyword search options such as the Google Keyword Tool, Wordtracker or KeywordDiscovery might come in handy here.

#3: Content is King!

The most vital thing about your website is the ability to write compelling copy that incorporates the keywords that you customers are looking for, and the search engines are able to ‘see’. Just make sure you bury your site in graphics or Flash but write copy that touches your customers emotionally  so that they consider buying your product or service.