3 Mistakes To Avoid When Starting Your Commercial Painting Company

So you live in Los Angeles, you can paint and you want to start your own commercial painting company? Well, if you want to be part of the elite group of Los Angeles painting contractors, keep in mind that professional painting is leagues ahead of your DIY home décor projects. Just because you managed to paint the nursery wall evenly doesn’t mean you can be a commercial painting contractor. But if you’re really good and you want to turn your talent into a moneymaking venture, keep in mind these common mistakes so you won’t make them when running your own business.

1. Using cheap paint.

Remember that people are going to be paying you for good-quality work. If you want to cut your expenses, this isn’t the way to go. Cheap paint won’t last as long as good quality paint and chances are, the application won’t go smoothly. Discerning customers will notice the difference so it’s better not to risk it.

2. Not using primer.

Primer is an indispensible step. This will help keep the paint job from peeling off. Also, just simply painting over a surface will likely affect its color and texture.

3. Not using the right paintbrush.

If you want to use the same brush for the entire paint job, then you’re sure to end up with a shoddy job. The right paintbrush can make a big difference. There are special paintbrushes designed specifically for tackling edges, corners, and every conceivable space in a home. This clean finish contributes to the quality of the paint job.


Remember, it only takes a botched-up paint job and word-of-mouth to ruin a business venture so be professional at all times and don’t make these beginner mistakes.