When Should You Report Your Vision Loss To The DMV If You Live In California

Article by Delta Driving School

If you have just had a surgery in one eye that will take a while to heal and you are wondering if you need to report it, the answer is not necessarily. At the same time neither should you drive until your eye has healed. If this is a surgery that will permanently affect your vision then you should let the DMV know and you should get your vision tested as soon as your eye heals.

If the surgery will not really affect your vision once your eye has healed, then you do not need to report it any more than you would need to report it every time you got a broken leg. The same is true if you get new glasses from your eye doctor. You do not need to report this to the DMV as long as you can still pass the vision test.

You should make regular appointments with your eye doctor at least once a year or every other year. However, if you think that your eyes might be giving you problems then you should set an appointment with your doctor immediately so he can look at them.

Any concerns that you have about driving should be voiced to your eye doctor during your appointment and he or she will be able to tell you if it warrants being reported and can likely report it for you. First the doctor will likely want to do some tests to see what the problem is and if it can be fixed.

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