Using acoustic foam in the home

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Most people expect to see acoustic foam in venues such as recording studios, performance halls, and even high school gyms. Porous, sound-absorbing panels have become synonymous with increasing sound quality and eliminating excess vibrations that may affect the clarity of a performance or event. However, acoustic foam’s unique, scientific properties can also be used in your home improvement projects.

It’s important to understand that acoustic foam is not built for blocking sound from outside. If you have noisy neighbors or you live on a noisy street, acoustic foam on its own will not prevent you from hearing unwanted sounds that originate outside your home. In spite of this, acoustic foam is still a valuable tool because it will help reduce unwanted noise from inside your house and increase the sound quality in your chosen rooms for entertainment.

If you have a home theater room, acoustic foam can help your sound system deliver clean, immersive, high-quality audio. You can add bass traps to the corners of your home theater to reduce unwanted bass vibrations. You can also calculate the reflection points of sound waves emanating from your speaker and place acoustic foam panels on the walls they reflect from. Sound waves are prone to bouncing off hard surfaces and filling a room with reverberations. Acoustic foam provides a porous surface that sound waves won’t reflect off easily. Instead, acoustic foam allows sound waves to pass through it while dissipating the excess sound energy as heat.

You can also apply these foam panels to resonant hallways, garages, and ceilings. If you simply want to decrease the noise pollution in your home, acoustic foam is an easy method for sound absorption. You can even combine function with fashion by using acoustic foam in a decorative manner. Many acoustic foam panels are cut into eye-catching shapes such as pyramids, waves, spades, and grids. You can even cut acoustic foam into custom designs if you’re feeling creative.

If you’re interested in purchasing some acoustic foam for your next home improvement project, be sure to check out The Foam Factory’s high-quality collection of foam products, including ceiling tiles, wall panels, corner bass absorbers, and even colored acoustic tiles.

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