5 Luxury Travel Blogs You Should Read

5-star vacations are a unique privilege that can expand your wealth of experiences and appreciation for cultures across the world. If you need ideas for your next big vacation destination, here are a few travel blogs that can inspire you to go on an unforgettable trip.

Elle Blonde

Entrepreneur Laura Dawson started the blog Elle Blonde in 2016 as a platform to share her love for travel and luxury goods. This travel and lifestyle blog provides both practical travel tips and possible destination suggestions from close favorites like Florida to the best Scandinavian countries to visit in winter.

Michael D’Antonio Impatto

Michael D’Antonio Impatto is another travel and lifestyle blog from the mind of Michael D’Antonio, who has travelled extensively worldwide . Michael D’Antonio curates the best hotels, bars and lounges, and travel destinations so that travelers know exactly where to stay on their next international trip.

World of Wanderlust

World-renowned travel blogger Brooke Saward has built a successful brand on the foundation of her first-rate blog World of Wanderlust. The blog’s articles are simultaneously accessible and awe-inspiring, while its purchasable city guides are helpful for any aspiring traveler.

Lux Life

Lux Life is another award-winning blog founded by London-based travel and lifestyle blogger Catherine Lux. Lux’s experiences staying in a wide variety of hotels and countries give an insightful breadth to her many reviews and online travel guides.

Caviar and Cashmere

Caviar and Cashmere is another personality-driven blog that is the brainchild of beauty industry entrepreneur Caitlyn Chase. As a Los Angeles native, her articles provide a fascinating look at West Coast travel and hotels, although she does cover travel outside of the state as well.

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