Lap Band: When Diets and Exercise Don’t Work

When diets and exercise don’t work, the best option could be weight loss surgery like the Lap Band surgery. This surgery has been a success in having patients lose the weight that is needed and the best thing of it is that it can be reversible, not like other permanent weight loss surgeries.

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The lap band cost can range from $15,000 to $18,000. Price can depend on either if patient had previous existing medical conditions, what lap band surgeon the patient chooses, what hospital or facility the surgery takes place, and also what method of payment the patient chooses to use. The lap band is covered by most PPO insurance. If the insurance plan does not cover bariatric procedures, there’s also financing options. Most lap band facilities offer financing services though medical financing companies like Care Credit. With healthnet lap band surgery can be covered under certain plans. It is important to consider that most insurance companies will ask for several requirements in order to approve surgery, such as the patient being put on a special diet, and documentation of weight lost history.

The lap band hospital where you schedule the procedure is very important when it comes to your satisfaction with the procedure. Doing research about doctors and centers is very important.

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