What to Look For When Buying Colored Foam

In the world of acoustic treatment, foam panels and similar products are popular not just because of their performance, but also because of the aesthetic possibilities they offer. A room that sounds good while looking good is one you will happily spend time in, helping you produce the best mixes and recordings. Rooms with design themes often place a premium on a positive aesthetic experience as well as the sound, and colored foam can provide that. Whether going with a single dominant color, or pairing styles to create a unique motif, colored foam makes a big difference in a room.

It is important to know what you’re looking for when purchasing colored foam, however. This is because there is a right way to make these products, and shortcuts don’t come close to producing the same quality and performance. Genuine colored acoustic foam is colored completely through the material. Dyes are added while the foam is still in its liquid form, before it expands into the product we recognize. Additionally, since the dye is part of the raw formula, the feel of the foam doesn’t change throughout the form either.

Poor-quality colored foam is sometimes painted after it is manufactured. This results in a hardened exterior which, in-turn, negatively impacts acoustical performance. It also makes the material more fragile and less resilient. So, before you make your purchase of a colored foam product, acoustical or not, keep in mind what makes quality colored foam and purchase accordingly.

Article submitted by The Foam Factory, an online source for quality acoustic treatment foam, including foam panels, bass absorbers, and monitor isolation wedges.