Radar Guns In Baseball.

For baseball pitchers, coaches, and scouts, the most trusted device for measuring the speed of a pitch is the JUGS radar gun. They consistently rank at the top of sales year after year, despite the high price tag, and new technology that is making competition closer.

These devices that measure speed by detecting a change in frequency using the Doppler effect play an important roll in baseball for not only the players, but the fans as well. There’s a reason why the sports radar gun displays the speed of a pitch on the TV at home, or the scoreboard at the ballpark. Fans are obsessed with speed just as much as pitchers.

When radar guns first came out in baseball, scouts weren’t fond of them. They believed that there was more to a fastball than just it’s velocity.

These devices are not only used for measuring the speed of pitches in baseball. They are capable of measuring the speed of a golf swing, the speed of a tennis ball after being served, even the velocity of a soccer ball after being kicked. Basically anything you can think of involve a fast moving object, a radar gun can measure.

If you’re not looking to spend a lot of money on a radar gun like the ones used in Major League Baseball, there are many other affordable options for you to choose from. They come in a variety of detection levels, accuracy, and have different options for displays.

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