Maintain Food Safety at Events You Cater With These Tips

Article Submitted by Foodtradeconsultants
Food safety is on top of the priority list for any caterer who wishes to be successful. By following a few simple tips, you can make maintaining food safety easier than ever.

Develop a Cleaning Schedule

Establish a cleaning schedule by isolating and listing all the items that need cleaning and disinfecting and then set time aside. List the details involved in cleaning the said item as well as the staff responsible and the allocated time. Make your schedule visible to all staff, hold a meeting then circulate a memo or post a notice.

Clean Frequently as the Day Progresses

Discard packaging and waste materials immediately. Separate work surfaces and do not cross contaminate using cleaning tools. Clear your sinks after use and wipe all surfaces regularly. Hold a range of cloths and other cleaning materials, disposable often work well. This allows you to clean quickly and efficiently.


Reheating can be the cause of many health hazards in the kitchen. Food that is not suitable for reheating should simply not be reheated! Always follow the instructions of the device that you are using, manufacturer standards differ and you could end up burning your food if not careful. Reheated food should be served immediately.

Take Extreme Care with Ready-to-Eat Food

The risk of transfer of bacteria to food that is ready-to-eat is extremely high. You should take care to cover all food, protecting it from pests and bacteria. All vegetables and other salad ingredients should be washed extremely well as many different forms of bacteria are found on raw produce. Attempt to handle this variety of food as little as possible and never serve anything that is past the sell by date.