How to Select a DUI Attorney

So, you’ve been charged with a DUI.  Now what do you do?  Receiving a DUI can be a traumatic and scary situation.  The most important thing is to meet with a criminal defense lawyer who specializes in DUI cases.

The best way to select a DUI attorney is to go off of their reputation.  You can ask lawyers that are local to your area who they recommend for DUI cases.  You can even visit your local courthouse and ask the personnel that work there.  You want someone who has a lot of experience, specifically in DUI cases, because there are many intricacies involved that only someone with experience will understand.

DUI lawyers can receive a certification from the National College for DUI defense which is approved by the American Bar Association.  A DUI defense lawyer with this certification has achieved a high level of experience and ability in regard to DUI cases.  This is a good thing to ask about when interviewing lawyers.

It’s also wise to look up reviews from previous clients.  Websites such as YELP can be helpful in getting a feel for an attorney’s interaction with clients and their ratio of wins.  Obviously these reviews should be taken with a grain of salt.

The best way to decide on a lawyer is to interview with them in person.  Many lawyers offer free consultations.  During a consultation, you should review your case with them and ask them a lot of questions about their history as a DUI defense attorney.  You want to ask them about how they will defend you and the different options in proceeding with your case.