How to Find the Right Pair of Shoes

Summary: If you are in the market for a new pair of shoes, read below for some things to keep in mind before making any purchases.


Finding the right pair of everyday shoes can be quite a challenge. With so many brands, colors, and designs to choose from, the task can understandably be both intimidating and overwhelming. If you are in the market looking for a replacement pair of sneakers that you can wear daily, continue reading for some inspiration.


A Day in the Life


Before you make any purchases you will first want to think about what sort of activities you do on a daily basis. Do you walk long or short distances? Are you usually walking on concrete or are you oftentimes walking through dirt and terrain? Is it usually dry out or can you expect rain, on any given day? These are the sort of questions you want to ask yourself to understand which needs your new pair of shoes will have to meet.


Versatility is Key


If you plan on moving around much in your new pair of shoes, you will want to find shoes that are very comfortable and will not cause any foot or leg pain. Black or dark-colored athletic sneakers can be worn with almost any outfit for any occasion, whether you are grabbing coffee down the street or dinner downtown. You may need to insert new cushions for maximum arch support.


Quality Over Quantity


When searching for new shoes, it is wise to prioritize quality over quantity. A solid pair of shoes that can survive getting a little beat-up could ultimately save you more money than if you went for less expensive shoes that need to be replaced more frequently. The Foam Factory and other manufacturers, for example, offer products that can handle rain, dirt, and dust without breaking down. Look for durable shoes that can do the same to guarantee they will remain in good shape.