How to Find Success in Your Early Business Ventures

Article was submitted by Sebastian Guthery.

Many people turn to turnkey business ideas for their first business because much of the problems are already solved. You can leave your mark rather than tread new ground, and you’ll learn and grow with proven strategies. Many businesses boil down to a simple strategy that leads to profits.

Here are a few of the solutions that entrepreneurs use to find that next new business opportunity.

Brainstorming and Concept Development

The first step in developing ideas is to brainstorm the concept. You’ll come up with some incredible ideas over time, but you’ll lose all of them if you don’t write them down. Many people dismiss these ideas as too crazy to execute on, or they think they aren’t good enough. This is defeatist thinking. This phase is simply about recording your ideas and looking for new ways to solve interesting problems. It’s like a creative exercise for the founding of your business. Common Problems Prospective Business Owners Face

Many entrepreneurs start off thinking that they don’t have an idea profitable enough to build a business on. It may take many tries before they land on just the right formula. You waste more than time when you spend even just a few months on something you ultimately abandon.

The first part of success is failure, so don’t be afraid to try and see where things lead you. After multiple failures, you can better analyze what will work and have some ideas on how to grow.

Stop Thinking “Bigger is Better”

Success isn’t some new and interesting multi-million dollar idea so much as it is a passionate person at the helm. Anyone can dream the iPhone, but it takes a very special person (or group of people) to fully realize that vision into something people can touch and interact with. Make sure you master the fundamentals of business practice, try many ideas and learn from your failures.

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Sebastian Guthery has been motivated for entrepreneurship since a young age, growing up in Wichita Kansas. Numerous companies with millions in revenue owe their success to Guthery, who lives and works in the greater San Diego region of Southern California. Visit Sebastian Guthery’s Linkedin page for more info.


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