Foam Replacement – Get Your Couch Back

A little known fact about couches and chairs in general is that once they start to sag and feel “old,” there’s a good chance that all they need is some replacement foam to get them back into tip-top shape. Foam replacement in your couch is extremely cheap and can be done in just a few days. It isn’t expensive to contact the retailer of your chair and see how much they would charge to put new foam in. Better yet, find a third party company online who can do the job for you as well and see what types of bids you can get for the best deal.

Before you call anyone about your couch, you should get the product information form the internet or from the tag that’s probably still attached to the bottom of your couch. This information tag will give you information about what type of cushions you currently have and what the “model” of your couch is. This info will help you better order replacement parts and cushions from the manufacturer when you hop online to do so. It’s easy to order the wrong thing, so be sure you know what it is you’re ordering before you do!

Seat Backs are probably the easiest thing you can order for your couch. They’re inexpensive and get the least amount of “use” compared to the part that you actually sit on. Couch foam and custom cushion foam can be purchased to accommodate just about any couch cushion needs you need fulfilled. You can use sites like to get an idea of what type of cushions are available for your particular couch and what it is you can order to get your couch back to almost new!