Clean up Your Air

Article written by HomeAndGardensBlog

Living in the city is a wonderful and admittedly, very convenient experience. Everything is near you, an nothing more than a block or so away. However, city living also has its downsides. For one, air pollution in modern city centers have taken a drastic rise and threaten us every day with the perils of respiratory duress and worse, serious respiratory illness. Protect yourself now and for the years to come by equipping your home with an electrostatic furnace filter to weed out the dirt, dust, and other pollutants from the air you breathe with one small panel, or two.


An electrostatic furnace filter works simply by using static electricity charged panels of synthetic filter media to separate harmful airborne contaminants from the air your breathe, As the air passes through the filter panel or cartridge, the contaminants cling to the statically charged media, leaving your air clean and pure. Similar to air conditioner filters, an electrostatic filter works by being installed in the intake duct of your HVAC system, or in a standalone air purifier. As the air is drawn in by the device, it gets filtered by the high-efficiency media present in the filter, straining away allergens, industrial pollutants, and even microscopic insects, preventing allergy attacks, respiratory illness, and promoting general well-being. You also can benefit from lower airborne dust, meaning you clean less often as well. Swap out your ordinary air conditioner filters now with an electrostatic unit and see a vast improvement in the quality of air in your home.


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