Benefits of telemedicine for seniors

Article provide by Francis Dunn, Miami, FL

Telemedicine offers several benefits for seniors and their caregivers. Telemedicine refers to providing remote health care using devices such as telephones, tablets, and computers. Although telemedicine may not be suitable for all health conditions, it can benefit patients with chronic conditions and basic health conditions as well as for prescriptions and changes in medicine. Here are some of the reasons why telemedicine is a good option for seniors.

Remote monitoring – Many seniors suffer from chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, etc. that require constant monitoring. Most telemedicine practices involve the usage of health devices that monitor vitals daily which aims to improve patient symptoms and lifestyle.

Lower chance of hospital admissions – Monitoring systems can alert caregivers and healthcare providers when a patient is becoming ill or when hospitalization is necessary.

Access to specialists – Often specialists are not located in every community. This means that seniors with limited mobility need to travel long distances to meet a specialist. Telemedicine removes the need for travel and allows access to a wider range of specialists.

Relieves stress for caregivers – Families and age care facilities can care for seniors with ease as they can reach a medical practitioner as and when required.

Lower costs – Remote consultations are a lot less costly than in-person visits, additionally, seniors will not need to be accompanied to their appointments and will not incur any form of travel costs.

Safe and secure – In-person visits can involve long hours in waiting rooms, placing patients and their caregivers at risk of contracting covid-19 or other diseases.


Francis Dunn Miami Florida

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