Baking In a Rented Commercial Kitchen

Many successful food entrepreneurs started out by experimenting in their own kitchen. Some got the assistance of an experienced organization like food trade consultants to help them through the initial phases. Once you are ready to sell your baked goodies for public consumption, you must find a commercial kitchen to rent as most state laws requires entrepreneurs to manufacture food for public consumption in a certified commercial kitchen. When the time of finding a commercial kitchen comes, Food Trade Consultants will help you select and choose the right kitchen for you.

Factors to consider when choosing a commercial kitchen

  1. Check the facilities of the commercial kitchen, will it allow you to produce your gluten-free products? Does it have all the necessary equipment’s needed? Make sure that the equipment’s available are kitchen-grade, especially if you plan to cater for a large scale event.
  2. The availability of the kitchen is also a factor you should consider. Does the kitchen operate 24 hours or do they only allow lease on certain hours.
  3. Some commercial kitchens offer storage, check if the kitchen you are considering offer storage spaces for equipment’s and raw materials.
  4. It is a huge plus if the commercial kitchen has the ability to accept deliveries of ingredients.
  5. A lot of these commercial kitchen organizations value their clients, which is why most of them provide information on how you can gain permits to sell on gourmet and farmers’ markets. This will truly help especially if you are starting out on this business.

Guest Post By: Food Trade Consultants. Providing newcomers to the commercial food manufacturing business a crash course in the basics.